30 Passenger Charter Bus

Thirty passengers. Infinite comfort. The 30 passenger charter bus is able to accommodate a wide range of party sizes. Despite this being our smallest charter bus, it comes very well equipped. Once you board this charter bus, you'll feel like you're in your bedroom, only on wheels. We craft every charter bus that we carry to be a home away from home. A flock of amenities keep you comforted on our charter buses as you travel. Given the size of the 30 passenger charter bus, it doesn't have all of the features that make some of our larger charter buses great. Although this charter bus is still amazing to travel in.

There's electrical outlets aboard this charter bus. This way you can be as productive or entertained as you need. Dead electronic devices are a thing of the past while on our charter buses. Do what you want without worrying about a power source. For those who like to stretch out, we made sure to include comfortable, reclining seats with ample leg room. In addition, this charter bus features a TV and DVD player. You can watch your favorite content and relax while cruising on the road. Personal reading lights are on board this charter bus as well. You can read without disturbing those around you thanks to this epic feature. Conversely, if you dropped something, you can easily find it using our reading lights. In combination with all of these comforts, there's a lot of space for your luggage. For this to be a smaller charter bus it's very well thought out as far as amenities are concerned. Look at the pictures provided to get a glimpse of what this charter bus has in store.