Pricing Policies

Prices will vary depending on the time and distance your trip requires, but Detroit Charter Bus tries to make reservations and pricing as straight forward as possible. We offer competitive rates with no hidden fees. When we give you a quote, it is what you will actually pay! We determine our rates by operating costs, as well as the cost required to keep our fleet in excellent condition and employ professional, licensed, and certified drivers with excellent driving records and customer service skills.

In order to quote you with an accurate price, we will take a few things into consideration. First, how many passengers do you need to accommodate? That will help us determine bus size. Next, where is your pick up location and destination? The distance makes a difference in cost. Finally, what date will your trip start, and how long will it last? Prices increase as the length of time increases. Please have this information ready for us, and we will be able to determine the exact price of your trip. If you are still unsure of some of the details, we can work with you to determine a price range.

Transparency between Detroit Charter Bus and our clients is critical to successful reservations. Giving you an accurate quote that you can rely on allows you time to plan accordingly for your charter bus. This way, you have a cushion to gather the funds and choose how you'll pay for your charter bus. Hidden fees are a foreign concept to Detroit Charter Bus. We work hard with you to make sure we have all the details in order for your reservation. Knowing what you will be expected to pay eliminates pesky hidden charges. Knowledge is power, even when seeking out charter buses. Detroit Charter Bus recognizes how annoying hidden charges can be for people. It doesn't matter what the product or service is. Unexpected education, cellular and housing fees make life much harder. Especially since there's always a consequence associated with not handling these fees. Detroit Charter Bus isn't like that with our charter buses. We want everyone to get where they need with no halts. Detroit Charter Bus likes to make things very easy for our clients.

Detroit Charter Bus offers flexible payment options to our clients. You can pay for your charter bus with a check, credit/debit, or cash. Of course there are certain regulations for how you decide to pay. Sometimes it's easier to write a check to pay. Everyone doesn't accept checks however Detroit Charter Bus does. If you need to pay for your charter bus with a check it's no issue to us. All you have to do is submit your check payment at least a week prior to the date of your charter bus trip. Detroit Charter Bus also realizes that we live in a digital era. With that being said some people preferring paying for a charter bus with plastic. We get it. Should you want to pay with credit/debit, just make sure you have your payment within 24 hours of your reservation date. Would you prefer to pay with cash? Ok! Just make sure you present the money to the driver of your charter bus. Ready to reserve a charter bus for your trip? Contact Detroit Charter Bus today by phone or email to get started!