Vehicle Selection

Detroit Charter Bus supplies the nation with comfortable, reliable, safe transportation. A vast array of people have used our charter buses to get to where they need to go. Spring breakers, foodies, and roller coaster enthusiasts alike use Detroit Charter Bus. We've seen everything from the Liberty Bell, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore and beyond. Detroit Charter Bus has experienced every landmark, natural beauty and destination that the United States has to offer. You should too! Or, at the very least see what our country has to offer on the way to your stop.

Our company has multiple charter buses to hold you and your guests. Size is not something we're very worried about at Detroit Charter Bus. All things considered, our smallest charter bus seats 30 passengers max. Our charter bus sizes only increase from there. Detroit Charter Bus's fleet of charter buses can seat up to 50 people at once. Given the size of our charter bus selections, many people have difficulty filling one. Although, should you exceed the the size of one charter bus, we can always provide you with more than one. Client demands vary. Thus Detroit Charter Bus is flexible with everyone reserving a charter bus with us. Interested in obtaining a charter bus for your trip? Excellent! Detroit Charter Bus features an imperial fleet of charter buses. Follow the pages below to get a better idea of what comes with a charter bus from Detroit Charter Bus. You'll be delighted to no end with our charter bus selection.