35 Passenger Charter Bus

The 35 passenger charter bus is next in our vehicle roster. It's amazing what a tad more space affords you. The 35 passenger charter bus has a lot of luggage space. This charter bus has a space on board for carry on luggage. Additionally, it has a large storage compartment underneath. So pack as many outfits as you like. Our charter buses can fit all of your luggage with ease. You'll be very lax in our soft reclining seats. There's plenty of leg room for you as well.

Furthermore, it's probably a safe assumption that you'll need an electrical source on your charter bus. After all, most people have any number of mobile devices on them in a given moment. There's no reason that you shouldn't be able to use them while traveling. In that regard, we made sure that this charter bus came with electrical outlets for you to use. Work or play, it's up to you to decide. One of the best features on this charter bus is the addition of WiFi. Save your cellular data and use our in-ride WiFi. It's quick and convenient just how a wireless network should be. Stream all your favorite content on the open road. On top of these fine bus options, this charter bus has a TV and DVD player. So whether it's online or on a disc, you'll be able to watch whatever you want. Consider this charter bus when gathering your group for a trip. You'll be exceptionally pleased during your trip.