40 Passenger Charter Bus

Road trips can be lengthy as far as travel time is concerned. Safety and comfort are very important when the road is involved. Detroit Charter Bus wants you to be as comfy as possible when riding with us. As a result we take our charter bus ensemble and furnish them with basic home comforts. This includes our 40 passenger charter bus as well. It's one of the larger charter buses in our fleet, so it provides more room for you to enjoy your space. This charter bus is different than the previous ones. It's larger body size allows us to have a bathroom on board. Now making additional stops won't be an issue and you can reach your destination quicker.

There's plenty of storage space for your luggage on this charter bus as well. You can bring carry on luggage and store it on the charter bus. Or, if you have over-sized bags you can stow them in the luggage area beneath this charter bus. You can stretch out as much as you need in our reclining seats. You can even go to sleep should the mood strike. Detroit Charter Bus understands the value of being connected. After all we live in a technologically advanced era. With that being said we made sure this charter bus came with electrical outlets. This eliminates you having to end your fun due to lack of power. Furthermore, the 40 passenger charter bus has access to WiFi. Watch or listen to your favorite stuff on your travels. Data charges can be rather expensive. Conserve your cellular data on your phone plan and connect to our network. It's strong and dependable just how you'd expect for it to be. So pick a place and go! Our charter bus crew will get you there safely and with ease.