50 Passenger Charter Bus

The 50 passenger charter bus is the largest in our collection of vehicles. This charter bus is the apex of our vision for what a charter bus should be. The size of this marvel is enough to leave you flabbergasted. Combine that with all the other great features of this charter bus and you'll be floored. You may have to call someone to carry you out from where you are. First and foremost this charter bus can seat 50 people easily. That's your entire office, school, church or any other group you're using this charter bus for. Since this the largest charter bus we have, there's a seemingly excessive amount of leg room for everyone. This charter bus refines what is means to kick back and relax.

Speaking of, just like our other charter buses, this one has very comfortable reclining seats. Bring your electronic devices with you. Not only are there power strips for you, there's WiFi available also. So you can keep your devices powered while staying connected to the world. Detroit Charter Bus understands that everyone is different. Thus, we give you personal reading lights and climate control. Make your seating area what you need it to be as you ride. In an effort to make your charter bus more like home, there's a bathroom on board for you to use. For the music enthusiasts, there's a really good sound system on deck featuring CD, mp3 and radio capabilities. Have a jam session with everyone that came with you on the charter bus. If you want to watch something while riding that's cool too. We have a TV and DVD player on board for you and your guests. As a whole our charter bus fleet is rather fearsome. We equip all of our vehicles with the things you need for comfort. Planning a large road trip? Get in contact with Detroit Charter Bus and we'll help you.